It is our mission to educate the whole student - mind, body and soul - through a rigorous curriculum that integrates liberal arts, natural sciences, math, social sciences, technology, physical education, sports, and Judaic studies.

Our faculty and staff come to us from all over the world, drawn by our one-of-a-kind learning environment.

Their connection to students doesn't end with the class bell. Along with serving as teachers, advisors, coaches and program leaders, many also live with students as houseparents. They cook together, celebrate Shabbat together, and are always on hand to share the high and low moments that define the teenage years.

Thirty two percent of our Academic faculty have advanced degrees, one of the highest percentages of any high school in America. Many faculty members have more than 20 years of classroom experience. And our 4:1 student/faculty ratio ensures that students never need to fight for the time or attention of these exemplary educators.

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