“My daughter had an easy time adjusting to college thanks to her American Hebrew Academy experience. Going off to college was not a dramatic change because she was completely prepared. -Alumna parent

The American Hebrew Academy is the only international Jewish college prep boarding school in the world! Nowhere else can high school can mean so much more. The advantages of boarding school are boundless; the advantages of a Jewish boarding school will last a lifetime.

Boarding schools challenge students with a rigorous academic curriculum while offering 24/7 support from a dedicated community of teachers, mentors, and peers. The American Hebrew Academy is more than just a school; we are an entire community of learners committed to ensuring student success and instilling Jewish identity.

Boarding school students have more time to learn, more time to explore, and more time to prepare for college and career success. Our Jewish boarding school enhances that experience by also offering a dual curriculum of Jewish Studies, and teaching our students to own their place on the timeline of Jewish history.

The Academy community is vibrant, supportive and culturally diverse. Our students are educated to be intellectually adventurous, Jewishly identified, globally aware, and well prepared for college or university, and future positions of global leadership.

American Hebrew Academy students succeed in college, university, and their careers because they graduate prepared to lead.

According to TABS (the Association of Boarding Schools), 44% of boarding school graduates achieve positions in top management by mid career. Only 28% of private school grads and 21% of public school grads can say the same.

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