National Merit Scholarship and Advanced Placement Examinations

Four percent of the Academy's 336 graduates to date have been named National Merit Finalists. In addition, six percent of 339 seniors have been named commended scholars.

In 2014, 45.74% or 59 out of a total of 129 sophomores, juniors and seniors sat for a total of 111 AP Examinations. Eighty-one percent of the exams were scored 3 or higher. Fifty percent earned a 4 or 5. In 2014, 5 students earned AP Scholar status, 6 earned AP Scholars with Honors status and 1 earned National AP Scholar status.


Learning at AHA

We teach students to learn. No matter which grade you enter, you quickly get caught up in the excitement and momentum of learning. We nurture students to become life long learners.

The American Hebrew Academy is a place where you can discover the power, individuality, and focus of your talents. Classes in English, mathematics, social science, science, physical education, and Jewish history, philosophy and thought encourage you to ask and answer big questions.

Meet our teachers.

They come from all over the world. They're mentors, helpful advisers, and an extended family. The Socratic teaching methodology emphasizes debate; teachers want to hear your opinions and ideas. In the process, everyone learns.

Take a leap forward.

Academy students are invited to challenge themselves to the limits of their academic abilities by exploring advanced course offerings such as traditional AP courses or advanced courses that are unique to the Academy; by participating in the Dual Enrollment at Guilford College program to take college courses while still in high school; by working towards unique science paths such as a science research internship placement or by pursuing leading edge science curricula in engineering or nanoscience; by building out a formidable art portfolio with extra studio hours; or by simply working independently to skip ahead in Hebrew or Math.

Bottom line.

The American Hebrew Academy prepares students for college and to lead honorable, imaginative, and informed lives. We teach "life skills" beyond the classroom that will benefit our students long past their years at the Academy.

Thirteen heads are better than one

If your idea of learning is sitting behind a desk, start thinking differently - we don't have desks at the Academy. Our students gather around fully wired "learning tables." The tear-drop shaped design makes it possible for students and teachers to put their heads together to discuss, debate, and most of all, learn.

Course Catalog

"At the Academy, there aren't any desks. Every classroom has a single learning table - a big wooden oval. We sit around it and learn from each other. You wouldn't think a piece of furniture would make a huge difference in the way you learn, but it does." -Academy Student

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