Fine Arts

Our fine arts courses in Visual Art, Theatre, Music and Dance allow students to appreciate and engage in the arts as a spectator, participant, and as an agent for their own self-discovery. Our program is varied and rich; we provide learning experiences for those who are adept at artistic expression and for those who have never ventured into the creative realm of academics.

Students are urged to find their own distinctive style of creative art-making in all disciplines after examining contemporary and classic models. They are encouraged to use a critical approach to their art-making via conversation with their peers and teachers, problem-solving, and even failure. Students learn to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct their art in order to grow and transform their own artistic experiences.

Most of our classes have an element of performance, such as art shows, dramatic productions, or concerts. It is our goal to make Fine Arts accessible and enjoyable for all students in order to instill in them the importance of the arts as a vehicle for spiritual and cultural expression.

Visual Arts
Introduction to the Arts
Art 1: Drawing and Watercolor
Art 2: Acrylic
Art of Viewing Film
Explorations in Clay
Fashion Art
Photography 1
Photography 2
Studio Art
Studio Clay
Advanced Clay
Individual Art Instruction
AP Studio Art: 2D Design
AP Studio Art: Drawing

Performing Arts
Acting I
Acting II
AHA Acapella
Class Piano
Class Piano: Advanced Techniques
Class Piano: Intermediate
Class Voice
Comedy Improvisation Troupe
Discovery Improv
Individual Music Instruction: Piano
Individual Music Instruction: Strings
Introduction to the Arts: Music
Music Theory I
Performance: Musical Theatre
Performance: Storytelling
Performance: Theatre
Swing Dancing
Swing Dancing Intermediate
Technical Theatre
Theatre of Witness

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