Information Technology

Technology plays a central part in the everyday life of our students. How one learns to use this technology has a direct impact on their ability to solve problems, collaborate with others, and effectively communicate their information and knowledge.

At the Academy, the classroom is only a nexus to information students will need for their studies. Every classroom has a SMARTBoard linked to storage which allows for ubiquitous access to classroom-generated materials. Via the Internet, local servers, collaborative platforms (such as Microsoft OneNote) and their professional-level tablet computers, students are able to work almost anywhere in the world and reach out to the world of knowledge at the same time. Information Technology is charged to maintain this connectivity and to keep student and faculty equipment functioning properly and be as state-of-the-art as possible.

All students will receive an introductory technology course upon entry to the Academy to insure that they learn the "network language" of the Academy and the basic use of technology required for class assignments and projects.

Information Technology offers other courses for students interested in specialized areas of technology. These include Video and Movie Making, 3D Graphic Design, Web Design using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and an interdisciplinary course on Engineering Design.various ways the Academy uses the network to store and distribute classroom and residential information. In addition, this course will train students to effectively use their computer and programs on their computer (such as the Microsoft Office Suite) to meet teacher expectations for assignments and projects.

Information Technology also supports activities and interests outside the classroom. The department maintains a supply of digital and video cameras for students to use on class or other projects, video stream live athletic events, drama productions, and award ceremonies throughout the year, and a 3D printer for personal and class projects,

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IT Orientation
Engineering Design
AP Computer Science

Computer Based Graphic Design
Designing Web Sites
Digital Movie Making
Robotics I: Engineering & Construction
Robotics II: Programming

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