ESOL at the Academy is not just about learning the English language. Our holistic approach addresses language acquisition, cross-cultural awareness, acclimation to the school community, and a full range of support services.


International students can attend the Academy for a minimum of one year up to four years and participate in a full immersion program allowing them to concentrate on improving their English speaking, reading and writing skills as needed, and preparing for admission to U.S. universities.

One Year International Course of Study

The minimum academic program requires six of eight possible courses each term. This requirement will allow students participating in the One-Year Program to be eligible for athletic competition according to NCAIS (North Carolina Association of Independent Schools) standards.

Student course assignments will include:

  • English (one year-long course) at the most appropriate level for the student.
  • Math (one year-long course) at the most appropriate level for the student. The Math requirement may be waived if an AB or AP level math-based science course is taken (Physics AB or AP, Chemistry AB or AP), and
  • Science (one year-long course) at the most appropriate level for the student.


  • History (one year-long course) of the most appropriate area of study for the student,
  • Jewish Studies (four to six term-long courses) of the most appropriate topics for the student,
  • After-School or Elective Health/Fitness/Sports (one credit),
  • Hebrew (at the appropriate level or may be exempted at the discretion of the Dean of Jewish Studies), and
  • Fine Arts (as requested by the student).

Attention will be given to student preferences for course work where possible and appropriate.

Full-time students in this program will be taking six courses per term. Athletic eligibility requires that the student passes all six of these courses each term.

Completion of Program

Students participating in the One-Year Program and meeting the necessary criteria will be eligible for all academic Honor Rolls.

Completion of the One-Year Program will produce a transcript of the year’s academic work as well as a certificate of completion for the year of study.

Multi-Year International Course of Study

Math/Science/History/Wellness Program:

Immersion in general studies classes accelerates the language acquisition process, especially language specific to or unique to study in those areas.

It is recommended that students participate in regular math/science/history/wellness courses during their first year. Preference for course assignment should be as most appropriate for the student (i.e. in an area that the student has studied before, where the student has a high interest, etc.).

First year courses may be graded using the O, G, N, P scale rather than a numerical scale where appropriate. (Outstanding/Good/Needs Improvement/Poor). Subsequent courses in the area of study will be graded numerically. (100 point scale)

For native Hebrew speakers, Hebrew language study may be waived so that a study period is available for academic resource support.

Completion of the Program

International students successfully completing the multi-year program and who have met all graduation requirements will be awarded a diploma.

"I came to the American Hebrew Academy to improve my English, learn about American culture, get a great education, and make friends from all over the world. I gained all those things, and so much more. The opportunities provided here are so much more than just learning to be a good student. We learn to be leaders." -International Student

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