Stay ahead of the learning curve

The world is on information overload. Information and knowledge are increasing faster than anyone can keep up. The real challenge is staying ahead of the learning curve: knowing how to find information, sort out what's relevant, and use knowledge to your best advantage.

The American Hebrew Academy's electronic and bound library collections let you get your hands on time-honored texts and the latest information technology.

5,000 volumes and growing. If you browse our library collection today, you'll find 5,000+ volumes spanning a broad range of traditional academic subjects, fiction, and Jewish studies. Many of our texts are written in Hebrew and our collection includes copies of the Torah, Talmud, Mishnah, Zohar, and other sacred texts. While technology provides us with many advances, we are "people of the book" and believe a library of bound volumes is equally important to on-line resources.

A universe of knowledge on-line

We also subscribe to on-line services that provide the full texts of more than 8,000 magazines and journals to students. In addition, all of our students and faculty are equipped with copies of the Soncino Classics machine readable versions of the major Hebrew language texts in both the original Hebrew and English translations.

A look ahead

In the future, our hope is that students can look forward to a Media Center designed to accommodate an expanded hard copy library and an endless virtual collection of books and research material. Highlights include a high-tech multimedia center, auditorium, computer science and research facilities, group study areas, television studio, computer resource center and help desk, and outdoor fountains, reflecting pool, and seating area. With additional space, we'll greatly increase our library holdings well beyond those of a traditional high school in the areas of Jewish studies and texts.

Plans have also been developed for a new synagogue building that will provide a community gathering space, multiple worship space for a variety of denominational services and a beit midrash learning center.

"Our approach to technology learning is similar to foreign language learning. To 'really' learn Hebrew immerse yourself in the language and culture of the Jewish people. To really learn technology, come to the American Hebrew Academy. As a result of our global curriculum approach, our students and teachers use technology as part of everyday campus life." -Dr. Gary Grandon, Headmaster
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