Diploma with Distinction in Jewish Studies

The American Hebrew Academy offeres exceptional Jewish Studies students the opportunity to earn a Diploma with Disintction in Jewish Studies as part of the school's innovative and challenging dual curriculum program.

Requirements for earning the special distinction in Jewish Studies by graduation include work building upon the four pillars of Hebrew language fluency, a strong Jewish Studies foundation, a competent set of skills appropriate for lifelong learners in Jewish Studies, and a documented record of academic work sufficient for recognition. The program capstone will include the completion of a multi-disciplinary Jewish Studies Portfolio during the senior year, which combines elements of research, art, Hebrew, and traditional textual analysis.

Academy students don’t just accept someone else’s version of Judaism; rather they struggle, and listen and make sense of the world until the final experience is uniquely their own. Students earning the Jewish Studies Diploma with Distinction have actualized this idea of ownership. Across four disciplines – Art, Hebrew, Research, and Traditional Textual Analysis – they have achieved excellence and forged their Jewish identity.” - Dean of Jewish Studies Rabbi Eliezer Sneiderman

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