Applying to the Academy

Those admitted to the Academy are academically motivated, Judaically passionate, and socially able.

Student applications are evaluated by a committee consisting of three faculty members, the Head of School, and Admissions Department representatives.

Admissions requirements include:

Interview and Tour

A visit to our campus is the best way to learn more about the American Hebrew Academy. A personal interview with each applicant and their parents or guardians is required. International students, while strongly encouraged to visit campus, may schedule a Skype interview. To schedule an interview and/or tour, please call +1 (336) 217-7070.

Online Application

Our application process is available online by clicking here.

The applicant must complete the Applicant Questionnaire and Essays without assistance. The parent or guardian must complete the Parent Questionnaire. The application fee of $100.00 will be billed to your account if enrolled. No application fee is charged for students enrolled by January 31.

Recommendation Forms

As a part of the application process, you will be asked to provide a teacher recommendation from the following:

  • English Teacher
  • Math Teacher
  • Jewish Community Professional (Please advise us if you do not know a Jewish Community Professional)

Student Records

Please submit a copy of the student's most recent report card.

Early Decision Program

Due to the Academy’s small class size, we encourage all students to apply for admissions as soon as possible. Students applying for Early Decision will receive the highest priority for admission. This is a great option for students who have decided the American Hebrew Academy is their “first choice” school.

Applications for Early Decision must be submitted by January 10. If a family is applying for financial aid, the NAIS-SSS financial aid application, must also be submitted by January 10. Notice of admission for early decision will be posted by January 31. No application fee is charged for students enrolled by January 31.

Regular Admissions

Decisions on applications for admission submitted by March 31 will be posted by April 5.

Rolling Admissions

Any application reviewed after the deadlines stated above will be reviewed within two weeks of completion, and pending available space. We understand that some applicants will start the process later in the year, and we will work with each student and family to expedite the admissions process.


  • Early Decision – January 31 (No Application fee charged if enrolled by January 31)
  • Regular Decision – March 31
  • Rolling Admissions – April 1 to July 31

Additional Information

For any questions, please contact

The Admissions Test

We require the results of a standardized test taken during the school year prior to entrance. The SSAT, ERB, ISEE, PSAT, SAT, or for non-native English speakers, the TOEFL or SLEP tests are acceptable. The information gathered from these scores, in addition to current grades and recommendations, gives us a more complete picture of a student's strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to more accurately determine the classes and level of support that would appropriately challenge a student and lead to success at the Academy. Please consult with our Admissions Department prior to registering for a test.

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