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The American Hebrew Academy is committed to providing an outstanding experience to students. The Academy’s tuition offers outstanding value compared to peer institutions. Strong philanthropic support enables the Academy to maintain reasonable pricing while providing students the very best high school education, which includes a rigorous secular and Jewish studies curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, and a home-like boarding environment.

The Academy has established the following programs to honor students and assist families in enrolling at the Academy.

Financial Assistance

Our financial assistance program is open to U.S. resident students. To apply for need-based financial assistance, the parent/guardian must be a U.S. citizen with permanent residency in the U.S. or a non-U.S. citizen with permanent residency in the U.S. and complete a Financial Assistance application at

International Students may apply for the International Student Scholarship listed under Merit Scholarships.

Please read our complete Financial Assistance Guidelines document by clicking here.

Financial Aid recipients are not eligible for the Sibling Discount or Referral Tuition Rebate.

Low interest fixed rate tuition loans without any prepayment penalty may be available through the Your Tuition Solutions loan program. This program is endorsed by the National Association of Independent Schools and is utilized by parents at over 2,400 institutions in the United States. To learn more visit online at

Jewish Communal Professional Scholarships
The Academy recognizes the priceless contribution to the continuity of the Jewish people by offering the children of full-time Jewish professionals, educators, and rabbis a generous 1/3 tuition scholarship. Applicants, other than rabbis, must be currently employed as a full time Jewish professional. Tuition for children of rabbis and Jewish professionals:

      $15,865   Day Students
      $26,335   Boarding Students

Sibling Discount
A discount of $1,000 total per family will be given to enrolled siblings. The discount is only available to those families paying full tuition.

Referral Tuition Reduction
If a current enrolled family should refer a new student to the Academy, they will receive a $500 tuition reduction. If the referral is made by more than one family, the reduction will be divided equally among the families. This discount is only available to those families paying full tuition.

Early Enrollment/Advanced Payment Discount
Families paying full tuition who enroll their student prior to December 31 or who make payment in full by the first day of the school year will receive a 5% tuition discount.

Merit Scholarships Offered by the American Hebrew Academy

The American Hebrew Academy offers several merit-based scholarships to all prospective students. The following is a listing of our current opportunities. To apply, please complete the Merit Scholarship Application by clicking here.

A. The Sabbah Scholars
The outstanding creativity and leadership of the Academy’s founder, Chico Sabbah, z”l, is the inspiration for the Sabbah Scholarship. A renewable scholarship of up to $5,000 a year will be given to students who exemplify outstanding ability in the areas of academics, Jewish studies, athletics, and community involvement.

B. The Shavitz Scholars
The commitment to Jewish life, exemplified by a beloved American Hebrew Academy Board of Trustees member, the late Stanley Shavitz, z”l, is the inspiration for this award. This renewable scholarship of up to $5,000 a year will be given to students who epitomize outstanding dedication in the area of Jewish studies and Jewish communal life.

C. The Bernard & Gloria Robinson Math Scholarship
For students who demonstrate outstanding achievement in mathematics, a renewable scholarship of up to $2,500 will be awarded. This scholarship honors the memories of Bernard & Gloria Robinson, z”l, who were passionate about Jewish education, Jewish communal life, and mathematics.

D. Lawrence Cohen Scholars
The Lawrence M. Cohen Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro donated a generous gift to the American Hebrew Academy in memory of Lawrence M. Cohen, z”l. Designated specifically for Guilford and Forsyth County North Carolina residents, this scholarship, based on need and merit, awards students and their families up to $1,500 to fulfill their dream of an Academy education.

E. Maimonides Scholarship for Academic Excellence
This scholarship was created as a tribute to the Academy faculty whose inspiration and encouragement fosters student success. This scholarship will award up to $5,000 to newly enrolled students who demonstrate academic excellence and are in need of financial assistance to attend the American Hebrew Academy.

F. Lois & Mort Snitzer Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was established to honor Lois & Mort, z”l, Snitzer, whose grandson Jonathan was a 2004 graduate of the American Hebrew Academy. This renewable scholarship of up to $1,000 is available to qualified Greensboro applicants and their families who are in need of financial assistance.

G. The Marie & Ronald Berman Scholarship for Excellence
This scholarship was established to recognize the diversity of talents possessed by new Academy students. It provides the opportunity for the Academy to motivate and inspire students to excel academically as well as to cultivate leadership skills and character development. Students who require financial assistance to attend the Academy should consider applying for this special scholarship. This scholarship is named in honor of Marie and Ronald Berman whose commitment to education and the Jewish people is an inspiration to their family.

H. The Shepard Broad Foundation Scholarship
The Shepard Broad Foundation Scholarship was created to support families with limited financial resources from Miami, across Florida and throughout the Southeastern United States, who value the unique Jewish boarding school experience offered by the Academy. Students seeking to further their education, develop Jewish communal leadership and who meet the geographic criteria, may apply for this generous grant. Shepard Broad was a Jewish immigrant from Belarus who rose to become a highly successful banker, lawyer, real estate developer and philanthropist. He was a personal friend and advisor to David Ben Gurion and played a pivotal role in the founding of the State of Israel.

I. Zachary Shporer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Zachary Shporer z"l, was a 2011 graduate of the American Hebrew Academy, who fought a courageous battle with Leukemia. This scholarship was established to honor Zachary's memory. Zachary was a true leader, serving as Academy class president, captain of the track team and a board member of the Academy's Four Corners Tzedakah Fund. He had an innate strength of character and a passion for Judaism. His courage, strength, compassion and kindness were truly inspirational. New students who have made a difference in their communities as volunteers working to make the world a better place may be selected for this scholarship. The Zachary Shporer Memorial Scholarship will be supported by an annual gift from the student organized and managed Four Corners Tzedakah Fund.

J. The Gordon Zacks Scholarship for Student Leadership Initiatives
This scholarship recognizes new students who have made significant contributions to their communities as volunteer leaders. These students are extraordinary; inspiring us with their perseverance and commitment to improving the local and global communities in which they are involved. This scholarship pays tribute to the memory of Gordon Zacks z"l, and was established through the generosity of Gordy's friends and family. Gordon Zacks was a Jewish industrialist, philanthropist, political activist, an author and advisor to three U.S. Presidents and five Israeli Prime Ministers. During his visits to the Academy, Gordy became a true friend and mentor to students. Recipients of the Gordon Zacks Scholarship are entrusted to fulfill the legacy of leadership epitomized by Mr. Zacks.

K. Michael Winepol Young Judaea Year Course in Israel Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Chico, z”l and Zmira Sabbah in memory of Michael Winepol, z”l. The Sabbahs never missed an opportunity to spend time with students from Greensboro who were attending the Young Judea Year Course in Israel. Michael was among the many young adults they had the pleasure of seeing there and his warmth, kindness and Jewish spirit made quite an impression on them. Michael sadly lost his life in a car accident at the age of 27. This scholarship awards $500 to any Academy graduate enrolling in the Young Judea Year Course in Israel.

L. The Klionsky Family Science and Literature Scholarship
The Klionsky Family Science and Literature Scholarship was established to honor Bernard L. Klionsky, M.D., and Esther W. Klionsky, D.A. who are committed to the fulfillment of the American Hebrew Academy’s vision and mission. This scholarship shall be awarded annually to one or more newly enrolled students. Each student recognized shall receive a scholarship award not to exceed $1,500 per year, per student or a total allocation of $5,000 per year, for all scholarships awarded.

M. International Student Scholarship
International students who possess exceptional academic, judaic, artistic, athletic or leadership skills and who can provide verifiable financial need may qualify for this scholarship. The International Student Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis. To apply, please complete the online application by clicking here.

American Hebrew Academy Honor Society
The American Hebrew Academy Honor Society is a prestigious program that acknowledges exceptional Jewish eighth and ninth grade students who have demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, service to community, and character. Five students will be chosen as scholarship winners and receive a renewable $20,000 annual merit-based scholarship for boarding students or a renewable $10,000 annual merit-based scholarship for day students to attend the American Hebrew Academy. American Hebrew Academy Honor Society scholarship recipients are ineligible for additional grants, awards or scholarships offered by the Academy including the Jewish Communal Professional Scholarship. To learn more about the Honor Society, visit

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for 2015-2016

Boarding:             $39,500
Day:                    $23,800

Tuition Covers: All Instruction, room (boarders), meals (boarders and day students), use of a personal computer, textbooks, individual school pictures, activity fees, athletic fees, and transportation to local events. Additional fees apply for travel.

All subsequent yearly increases in tuition amounts will be guided by our Board of Trustees. Information about monthly payment plans and financial aid is available from our business office.

International student’s fee of $500.00, is charged in addition to tuition. Please note that international families must pay the visa application fee in addition to all Academy fees.

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