For our children and every new generation, let us offer inspiration and creative opportunities to connect to the power of Jewish identity.

Let us embrace the potential and momentum of ideas that bring us together as one people. Let us accept that a diverse Jewish community is in fact our most confident and hopeful promise of continuity.


When we give our young people a place of their own, a place they trust and respect, where learning is broad and exciting and relevant, to be Jewish is a brilliant theme of individuality and belonging.

Home Away From Home

We did our homework when we planned the American Hebrew Academy, and we learned that some of the most transformational Jewish experiences happen in summer camps like Ramah Darom, Young Judea, and URJ. One of our students calls it "living with everything Jewish." We take that idea and expand it over 10 months, 24/7. The Academy's unique curriculum combines the best of the world's elite boarding schools with experiential learning in a holistic environment, unmatched by any other school.

You'll live and learn with kids who have experienced Judaism in many different ways. In our school, learning can happen anywhere: on the sports fields, over dinner, in the student houses, and sometimes where you least expect it.

To learn more about the benefits of boarding school, download our brochure here.

You'll live and learn with kids who have experienced Judaism in many different ways.

More than just a school campus

Imagine 100 wooded acres, a 22-acre lake, student houses, classroom buildings, a student union, and athletic center. That's the American Hebrew Academy.  But there's more!  To start, every building is designed by Aaron Green, a protege of the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Throughout the Academy, planners have preserved natural beauty, leaving abundant woods and pathways. Make a connection to Israel by touching the Jerusalem stone found in every building on campus.

Campus Tour


American Hebrew Academy

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