The most eloquent expression of the Academy's significance is the young people who choose to come here. Here is a place where future leaders unlock their potential while an entire people is enriched and strengthened.

Student Life

Student Life

Imagine 100 wooded acres, a 22-acre lake, and student houses, classroom buildings, a student union, and athletic center built from Jerusalem stone. Here, students, faculty and staff form lifelong relationships with each other, and with the love of learning, in an environment built to foster creativity and leadership

Learning never stops here. Every moment is an opportunity to seek out new knowledge, get out of your comfort zone, and grow from your experience. You discover who you are as a student, as a leader, as a Jew.

Student life is an integral part of the total educational experience of our students. While students attend class eight hours each weekday, the remainder of their time is made rich with social, athletic, extra-curricular and Jewish Life experiences. As a boarding school, the educational opportunities we provide to our students far exceed those of a day school.

The Academy Advantage

As a boarding school, we are at work 24/7, focusing all of our energy, talents, and best ideas on our students, at a time in their lives when every moment matters.

Our faculty's connection to students doesn't end with the class bell. Along with serving as teachers, advisors, coaches, and program leaders, many also live with students as House Parents.

They cook together, celebrate Shabbat, and are always on hand to share the high and low moments that define the teenage years. They create a warm and inviting home away from home for our students.

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