At the Academy, our students come first. Our holistic approach focuses on educating the entire student, mind, body, and soul, and our Health Center provides the very best medical care, giving parents peace of mine.

The American Hebrew Academy Health Center staff is committed to facilitating the provision of excellent health care for all students.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our students are healthy, in body and spirit, so that they may participate fully in the active on-campus boarding school life.

The Health Center staff guides students to make informed decisions about their health, encouraging independence and responsibility.

The center maintains regular hours for urgent care needs, walk-in visits, medication administration, and scheduled appointments. When the Health Center is closed, one of our nurses is always on call. Emergency care is available at one of many highly rated hospitals located within five miles of our campus.

Psychological services are provided by our on-campus counselor and referrals can be made to mental health professionals when necessary.

I can go to the health center for anything I need - to see a nurse if I'm not feeling well, or to talk to the counselor if I am worried about something. The door is always open to me, and I feel well cared for. --Student, class of 2019

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